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Maryrose Lyons
Maryrose Lyons

Highly regarded Social Media Specialist, Maryrose Lyons has over 18 years digital marketing experience, has been doing Social Media since it began, you are in good hands.

✓ Ranked in the top 1% for Social Media in Ireland by LinkedIn
✓ Award winning social media campaigns for B2C, and B2B clients of all sizes
✓ Specialist travel and retail experience

Whether you're working for a company or for yourself, you need to have a solid LinkedIn profile, and here's where I'll show you how.

In 2018, LinkedIn will continue its rise to become THE social media platform for professionals and not just job seekers. You've just scored two free pieces of content from the LinkedIn module of the course guaranteed to get your profile in tip top condition for 2018.

Put these learnings to good use! And remember - there's plenty more where this came from! This material is only 1.8% of the whole course!